Sunday, August 06, 2006

Lake of the Ozarks

9:30 pm CDT show. cams will be up...


Blogger kim said...

I was lucky to be at the Lake of the Ozark Horny Toad show this past weekend. In fact we were there before the crew. As each crew member came down the stairs, looked at the stage, said F..., then turned around and went back in the air conditioning. What a site!

I would like to congratulate you and the entire crew for pulling off another amazing show. The challenges this venue appeared to have didn't prove to be too much. Some crew members had to hide behind the amps on stage to help the band trade out guitars because there was no backstage. Keith and a crew memeber had to hide on a metal balcony along side the stage to help out during the show. Cookie was set up on the road. The equipment had to be unloaded from the semis onto pick up trucks and delivered to the stage. In fact as the day went on the crew remained smiling, joking, hugging each other, and pleasant to the end. Despite the humid, saltry, half dressed fans, drunkin',luv fest!!! The boys were able to put on a show equal to that of an elaborate elegant auditorium.

Thank you and an applause is due for each and ever crew member.
The crew is the best!!

7:36 AM  
Blogger cookiegurl said...

Hi - Just love the site, but trying to undestand the stage cams. Any info you can provide would be helpful. Do I sign up for the service? I am thinking this is real time shots of the stage and your work? I am an old roady and love the thought that it is availavle real time to anyone.


8:32 PM  
Blogger said...

The cams up day of show and refresh every 30 seconds. There is no service to sign up for. Check for them several hours before showtime to see if they are setup that day.

11:11 PM  

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