Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Wishlist fund update

Ho Lee Cow!

The Paypal account right now is at $995. I had no idea you guys would show us so much love.

I was absent from giving an update for the last week or so as I was playing email tag with one of the founders of Junxion. He saw the post on the blog and offered us a deal which allowed us to get the more $$$ box, the JB-110b instead of just the JB-110e.

There are a ton of people who have contributed right now and I haven't had a chance to count up all who have donated. You will get a small gift from us as soon as we can get it together with this busy schedule we have for the next couple of months (I hope it doesn't take THAT long, though).

You guys Rock!


Blogger Patti said...

Hi Chris,

A article was found on the internet stating that the Junxion company donated a free wi-fi box to you to run the cams from.

Here's the article:


High-tech fans

Two weeks ago, we told you that Styx, the platinum-selling classic rock band, wrote in its blog that it was looking for someone to donate a Junxion Box.

The Junxion Box is a product of Seattle-based Junxion that allows you to plug in a cellular broadband data card to broadcast a Wi-Fi signal.

Styx band members wanted one so they can have Internet access when they are at a concert in the middle of nowhere. Would they get their wish when playing at Chateau Ste. Michelle on Aug. 23?

Turns out, their wish has been granted. Before Junxion was able to reach the roadies with a free Junxion Box, the band's fans donated an impressive $900 to a PayPal account.

Still, Junxion came through, and found out what a box is really worth — the band gave tickets for every Junxion employee to see the show next month.

So we, the fans who donated, were wonder what you might do with the money? I know you mentioned a while back you would like to get a cam behind Todd someday. We were also wonder if all the employees from the company get free tickets, what about us. Just a thought but meet and greets would be welcome. Only a suggestion. And they are free!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Just wanted to let you know that everyone knows now about the wi-fi being free so a response soon would help calm the about to be savage beasts, if you know what I mean. ;-) Post soon please.

Thanks, Patti

3:41 PM  

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