Saturday, July 01, 2006

Everyone Else has a wishlist...

Everyone else has a wishlist...why not us? Something we need in this ever-important-to-be-connected world is a Junxion Box JB-110E.

What is this thing and why do we need this?
It is a box that takes a cellular phone data connection and converts it to ethernet.
What does that mean?
We can have an internet connection wherever we are as long as we are in cell phone range. Some of these gigs in the middle of a race-track or wheverever they can put a stage don't have internet connections. No connection, no styxcrew cameras. Yes, I know it's hard to imagine a world without the cameras, but it happens from time-to-time. This box will also allow a connection when vehicles (bus) are moving since it is cellular technology. Ahh yes...a connection on a 20 hour bus ride...

Why am I asking you guys, our loyal styx fans, for help? Well it costs more than the cameras did. If you guys want to get the crew something we could really use (like the Starbucks for the band) this would be the item. Yes...I know...shameless, aren't we? Plus everyone who contributes will get a small gift from the crew. :) Not to mention having cameras everyday at the gig!

Interested? Contact me here.


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