Sunday, July 30, 2006

"Art vs Money" or "Cams in the Casinos"

Some of the casinos have networks that they allow traveling crews to use for the day they are there. Other casinos only have a network that is used for the slots and other general casino business. They get pretty suspicious when people want to tie into their network to access the internet. It is a security issue for them as well as a law by the gaming commission.

To answer Patti's question, if we are in a casino and we don't have cams, then it is because they don't allow us to tie into their network. This should be less of an issue as long as we are in Sprint cell phone range with the Junxion box. (We opted for the Sierra Wireless AC580 PC Card with Sprint 1X EVDO service).

Maiden Voyage...

The Morton, MN gig was back to nature for us (no internet and no cell service) but tonight's show in Greenville, WI was the maiden voyage of the Junxion Box connecting the cameras to the internet. Everything worked as planned from what I could tell since I see the last pictures on styxcrew were from the end of the show. We have the core pieces (JB and the PC Card) to make the rig happen but should have the cellular amplifier and external antenna next week.

Yeee Hawwww!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Just another day in the life of...

Well first-off it is good to see that the comments function isn't broken anymore on the blog. :)

I finally made it back home yesterday after not being here all month and found my lawn halfway up to my knees. I am sure my neighbors were wondering what was going on.

The PayPal account is at $1091.50 and you guys have certainly come through more than we expected! The gear is ordered and we hopefully will have it all by Thursday when we fly to Minnesota. Of course they will have to be some StyxCrew-ifying done to the gear so that it doesn't get banged-up and destroyed with all the miles we put on. One of the reasons we wanted a Junxion Box was its metal construction and Military-Spec certification.

Patti posted the Seattle Times article from today. There are several points that the writer missed or was misinformed. One of the ideas in the article is that the band posted this request. Well the blog is StyxCrew after all, not the band's website STYXworld. This is the crew's request, not the band's request. The writer states that Junxion gave us a "free" box. The word "free" never came up in any of my emails with one of the co-founders of Junxion who actually found the blog post via Technorati and completely surprised me when he emailed me. What he did do, however, is allow us to get the more expensive JB-110b instead of just the JB-110e. In exchange, we beat it up and report back any performance issues or suggestions just as we do with musical gear from other manufacturers. My last point of contention with the article (don't get me wrong, it's cool to be in the press and very surprising) is that they implied we traded tickets for goods. This is definitely not the case. I offered a limited amount of tickets to Junxion after the Junxion Box agreement was finalized. This gives me the chance, after using it for a month, to talk to the guys behind the product in-person to ask them technical questions about it as well as ask for suggestions to improve the way we are using it. The co-founder has been a fan of the band since the 70's which is a bonus for him, but most importantly it gives me the face-to-face time I wouldn't normally get since I am not able to leave the gig on show days.

The Junxion Box itself is only part of the whole system. The rest of the system includes an external amplifier, mounting hardware, antennas, protective case, and the PC card which connects to the cellular service. In addition there is a monthly subscription fee which we will now pay just like a cell phone.

I hope that clears things up. I will post an equipment list and photos for all you techie-geeks out there once "Everything Is Cool" with our rig.

We are readying the gifts for all who have contributed but we want to make sure they are perfect before we send them out. Perfection takes time. :)

You guys kick ass!


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Wishlist fund update

Ho Lee Cow!

The Paypal account right now is at $995. I had no idea you guys would show us so much love.

I was absent from giving an update for the last week or so as I was playing email tag with one of the founders of Junxion. He saw the post on the blog and offered us a deal which allowed us to get the more $$$ box, the JB-110b instead of just the JB-110e.

There are a ton of people who have contributed right now and I haven't had a chance to count up all who have donated. You will get a small gift from us as soon as we can get it together with this busy schedule we have for the next couple of months (I hope it doesn't take THAT long, though).

You guys Rock!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Still here...

We are working out a couple of details with the wishlist item...hold tight.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Wishlist Donation

Okay, since everyone is...well...all over the place, the easiest way to handle this would probably be through PayPal.

Login or create a personal account (or pool your monies together and have one person do the PayPal thing).

Use the "Send Money" tab at the top and send your donations to (remember to remove the spaces) styxcrew @ att . net

Hopefully this will be the cleanest and most organized way of doing this. Please include your email address in the comment section so we know who donated.

Thank you!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Everyone Else has a wishlist...

Everyone else has a wishlist...why not us? Something we need in this ever-important-to-be-connected world is a Junxion Box JB-110E.

What is this thing and why do we need this?
It is a box that takes a cellular phone data connection and converts it to ethernet.
What does that mean?
We can have an internet connection wherever we are as long as we are in cell phone range. Some of these gigs in the middle of a race-track or wheverever they can put a stage don't have internet connections. No connection, no styxcrew cameras. Yes, I know it's hard to imagine a world without the cameras, but it happens from time-to-time. This box will also allow a connection when vehicles (bus) are moving since it is cellular technology. Ahh yes...a connection on a 20 hour bus ride...

Why am I asking you guys, our loyal styx fans, for help? Well it costs more than the cameras did. If you guys want to get the crew something we could really use (like the Starbucks for the band) this would be the item. Yes...I know...shameless, aren't we? Plus everyone who contributes will get a small gift from the crew. :) Not to mention having cameras everyday at the gig!

Interested? Contact me here.