Monday, November 14, 2005

Sony/BMG and the buzz on the net lately

Some of you have heard about this story I am sure. For those that haven't, let me hip you to something that has been going on for the last month.

Sony/BMG music distribution has manufactured CD's with "Enhanced Content" including the Van Zant album "Get Right With The Man" which has Digital Rights Management or "DRM" software on it. The problem is they did it poorly.

Instead of me trying to paraphrase all the information out there, let me do two things. Googling "Sony rootkit" will bring up a bunch of articles that will give you information on what is going on. Last night on the bus ride into Lafayette, IN I was listening to a tech podcast that interviewed the man who discovered what Sony was doing. Check out these links if you have a chance.

Mark Russinovich interview

NPR program referenced
Sony may be breaking copyright law themselves

Here is a good timeline for articles about this story


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