Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ho lee crap

maybe i am living in a microcosm of the tech/geek/audio/musician/roadie world, but i am getting damn excited about podcasting and the idea of podsafe music.

let's face it...podcasts without music get pretty boring unless you are listening to a pure science podcast. i have been struggling with the podcast i am producing by trying to be careful to not play copywritten music in it.

quite frankly, i was surprised how many podcasters were playing copywritten material in their shows knowing full well that they weren't paying ASCAP or BMI license fees.

maybe it was just the timing of it all but within 3 weeks we had the Sony/BMG rootkit DRM software discovery, the Portable Media and Podcast Expo, and many podcasters removing previous episodes to prevent risking being sued by the RIAA.

i just started listening to the rock and roll geek show...the first two tracks on this latest guitars and i am liking it already...

check out the podsafe music will probably find something you will like. in 10 minutes i found 8 tunes i like already...

many podcasters are calling it right now for the music industry. they are saying the RIAA and corporations are killing the industry. i can certainly say there is a lot of resentment in the tech/geek world towards RIAA aka "the man" because of how they are attacking file sharing and their attempts to prevent piracy. in some ways they are perfectly legitimate. other ways, such as lobbying the government to limit technological innovations...well...that goes too far IMHO.

the old music industry model is broken for new artists. some bands (some that we all know and love) can still make a living on the old model. new bands, however, are in a different situation. in this age of flash-in-the-pan-one-album-make-as-much-money-as- you-can way of thinking in the record industry, this new way of thinking and finding new music may be the way.


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