Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Nothing is ever wrong...


Setting: House of Blues, Chicago.

Album release 'listening' party. This event is where the CD is played, front to back, for radio folks and their guests.

At FOH, trying to get my world in order, rushed as always, I notice the audio engineer, Gary, has a glazed and desperate look in his eye. This is not a good sign, it being 5:20, with doors at 6.

L: "Gary, what's wrong? You don't look so g-"

G: "We don't have the CD."

L: [sure I'd misheard him] "What?"

G: "The CD. The new album. Cyclorama, by the rock band Styx. Don't have a copy."

L: "Where's yours?"

G: "At home."

L: "Ask [the merchandise guy], he's got boxes of-"

G: "They told him not to bring any. No selling here tonight."

L: "Where's [the production manager's] copy?"

G: "In his workbox, in the truck, in Illinois."

L: "And [the tour manager]?"

G: "If he ever had one, he lost it."

L: "And the Guys [in the band]?"

G: "Are you kidding?"

>short pause, and light dawns. I rifle around in my laptop bag and find, loose, no jewel box, the bootleg copy of the thing the production manager gave me on the first day to learn the new material. It is slightly scratched, may be damaged, and has the name scribbled in Sharpie across it.<

L: (with unbecoming smugness) "You mean this Cyclorama CD by the rock band Styx?"

Gary snatches it out of my hands and runs away, I mean runs, yelling, "It's OK, everyone, we got it!"

Everyone assures me this really is the Big Time, but somehow, I'm often unconvinced.

;) Lib


Blogger Fran said...

We got Podcast!

I finally have an excuse to check out the new technology that I've been hearing about. Thanks Cookie :-)

My subscriptions are up and running, but can't seem to get the First Crewcast through iTunes. However, I did get it off the website link okay.

I am amused that the Crewcast is marked "explicit" and the Toddca... ooops, er ... the Bandcast is not.

11:22 PM  
Blogger Fran said...

ergh! How did that wind up in the wrong thread?

Back on topic ... LOVE your story Lib! We were out in the lobby under mountains of "Winter coats for charity" and had no idea y'all were scrambling inside.

As always, you pulled it off and we in the audience were none the wiser.

11:28 PM  
Blogger Styxcrew.com said...

Marking the podcast "explicit" is a safety precaution. We curse like sailors out here on the road so I don't want to have to edit and re-record things.

podcasts aren't in itunes directory yet, but once again. You need the latest version iTunes 4.9

The "News" link on styxcrew.com tells you how to manually subscribe for those of you that haven't been able to yet.

12:15 AM  
Blogger ChrisnStyx said...

Wow, great story! And hey, were it ever to happen again, come and ask some of us diehards in the lobby. We had a copy right outside in the car.

(Though yes, the real cds sounded much better the next day at Wal-Mart.)

with Fran under the coats. Er ah...

11:46 PM  
Blogger MsRobotto said...


I can completely picture that conversation. Sounds like the Big Time to me. ;)


1:32 PM  

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