Sunday, August 07, 2005

Hey, Where Are The Camera's?

Ok, Ok, some of these gigs haven't had internet access lately which makes it a little bit difficult to provide images from

Well, time to jump on a ski lift and go to the top of the mountain for the Kellogg, ID gig. This is going to be interesting.

Paulie's word of the day: BOLLOCKS!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One question, how the heck do you get all the equipment to the top of a mountain? Inquiring minds need to know!


4:54 PM  
Blogger said...

Actually, our truck driver pulled the trailer up the winding logging road. It took him about an hour to drive the 10 miles, but saved us about 4 hours on the load-in and 4 hours on the load-out. The other method was to unload the gear at the bottom of the mountain (where the gondola started) and put it into smaller trucks and take up what we needed.

12:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was at the Kellog show and just another class act once again. With the great setting and the incredible talent both on and off the stage, it made for a great (hot) but great day! Keep up the hard work - see you at the Gorge!

10:53 PM  

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